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The STENCYC project (StarTrek ENCYClopedia) wants to provide to the UCIP science council and to the startrek community a tool to maintain databases whose entries are produced by a lot of people. Actually the tasks in the project are:
  • choice of a format for scientific information archiving and retrieval (based for instance on XML or on the Startrek Encyclopedia format -see ency for instance-)
  • setting up a web site where those informations could be searched
  • building a software front-end to manage them and search them off-line
  • building a small front-end for palm-pilot like hardware

Because this project is no more active, it production has been transferred to the PhiMaTeX project, as a part of its xmldatabase subproject.

If someone wants to get the ownership of STENCYC, let (s)he contact the actual owner.

This homepage is (actually) maintained by GaRZoL

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